Russian Hacker Cause Saudi Arabia and Qatar separated

The Russian Hacker Cause Saudi Arabia and Qatar separated

Just Techno – Russian hacker are again targeted by the United States for a number of riots that have occurred in various countries lately. No exception to the Qatari incident has caused tension in the Middle East region.

This time, it was the turn of the Qatar news agency that was the victim. US intelligence agency, the FBI accused hackers of hacking judi domino online the news of Qatar national news agency and planting false news. The fake news mentions that Qatar will be allied with Iran and Israel. The news also questioned the power of US President, Donald Trump.

Though the US and Qatar are close allies. The US even puts the largest military base in the Middle East in the country.

In reaction to the false news, Qatar’s neighboring country severed diplomatic ties. The movement was led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Termination of economic and political relations has caused a crisis in the bay area. The news comes as tensions escalate in the Middle East as Qatar is accused of financing terrorism.

The involvement of Russian hackers then increased the vigilance of US intelligence and law enforcement. Awareness is heightened that Russia continues to try to carry out cyber attacks on US allies. A similar way of trusted intelligence is also done to interfere in the US presidential election in 2016 ago.

Russian Hacker makes Chaotic

Earlier, the United States also accused Russian hackers of being behind some chaotic elections in various countries, such as France and Germany. Ahead of the French elections some time ago, a number of important documents leaked to the public. This document contains the financial statements of the French presidential candidate.

However, the leaked document is doubtful.

In response to the crisis in the Middle East, Qatar Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohemmed Bin Abdulrahman al-Thani commented. “Whatever has happened, it’s all based on false information, we think all these crises stem from misinformation,” al-Thani explained to our editor.

Qatar is currently working with the FBI and the British National Criminal Agent for an investigation into the hijacking of Qatar’s news agency. “The Minister of the Interior will announce the findings of this investigation if the investigation is completed,” he explained.

It remains unclear whether the hackers involved in this Qatari incident are from a criminal organization or there is involvement from the Russian security forces. One official spokesman said that based on previous intelligence data, nothing much happened in Russia without government approval.

The FBI and the CIA refused to comment. A spokesman for the Qatar embassy in the US says the investigation is underway and the results will be made public soon.