Printer Security Still Considered Trivial IT Experts

Just Techno – Hacking action is often associated with attacks on computer or mobile devices only. In fact, hacking can also attack the printer device. It’s just that, Joseph Wagle, Director of Global Security and Industry Consulting HP Inc. said there are still many people often misunderstand the security level of the printer.

According to him, both ordinary and IT experts still underestimate the possibility of hacking attacks through the printer.

“The assumption about the printer will not be infected with the virus is actually a big mistake, considering the fraud action continues to change along with industry changes,” Joseph added to the media crew.

In fact, he thinks the printer is an easy target of hacking action. For that required level of security, which is often considered a complex thing in a business.

Referring to the Hewlett Packard (HP) report, there are 64 percent of malware-infected printers, while another 60 percent become the medium of spreading the virus to other devices connected in the network.

Facing it, Joseph said true there are 91 percent more IT practitioners who care about computer security. But there are only 18 percent who care about the security of the printer.

“Data security is often associated only with computer devices, but when talking a secure printer includes the device, data, until the document,” he concluded.

Responding to that, Joseph said that HP is trying to introduce A3 LaserJet and 600 series printers that are claimed to be safe from hacker attacks. The multifunction printer feature (MFP) overrides the performance and efficiency of ink and paper for better document quality.

Although it can connect with networks and smart devices through Near Firld Communication (NFC) connections, a number of smart features are claimed to secure documents and data from hacking. Features such as firmware BIOS, control panel, storage media, capture, network management, poker online terpercaya, mobile printing claimed not only to facilitate users, but also to save business investment.

Of 54 SKU printers globally released, General Manager Printing System Asia Pacific and Japan HP Inc., Ng Tian-Chong sure will only bring 34 SKUs to the Asia Pacific market. While that will be marketed in Indonesia only 16 of 34 SKU.

According to him, Indonesian user preferences that look for speed and size of the printer into the main consideration. Regarding the targeted industry target, he admitted there are two main segments of the corpoation and SMEs.

“We are targeting corporations including financial institutions that are generally aware of the security aspects of data, while SMEs often do not want to bother but want a multifunctional device so not only the printer, but also to scan the data,” said Ng.

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