Grab Hitch and GrabShare

Here’s the GrabHitch and GrabShare Differences

Just Techno – Grab Indonesia has just launched the most new service that is GrabHitch Mobil in four major cities in Indonesia namely Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Malang.

Unlike GrabShare and GrabCar, this service is touted as a social service to give commuters the option to share vehicles with others for the same purpose.

But not only get there, the system from GrabHitch is actually different too. Users who want to be passengers and car drivers should be careful to know the difference of the service.

GrabHitch vs GrabShare driver

Grab openly says that GrabHitch drivers are not those who will benefit by sharing a car. They will only get travel expenses from passengers with Rp1,500 per kilometer.

The cost of GrabHitch Cars is for fuel costs, parking and tolls that the driver will issue daily, whether by carrying passengers or not.

This differs from GrabShare users who provide commercial carpool services that allow passengers to share travel at a lower cost. GrabShare drivers are no different from GrabCar registered for commercial services.

Meanwhile, the GrabHitch driver is a professional who travels the same way as a passenger, not those who deliberately provide themselves to take passengers.

Drivers also have the right to initiate their travel plans at the earliest 7 days to 15 minutes prior to departure on the platform.

Contrastingly in GrabShare and GrabCar services, passengers are asking the driver to pick up and drop off at the location according to the agreement. The driver can also be ordered instantly through the application judi bola sbobet.

Meanwhile, GrabHitch regular driver picks up his traveling companion based on his travel itinerary. They also can only serve two carpool trips in one day while the GrabShare driver can take unlimited bookings.

Also in GrabHitch Cars, the driver can choose how many people he wants to be in the car.

GrabHitch vs GrabShare in the eyes of passengers

Users are certainly worth considering GrabHitch service because Grab promises this service 50 percent cheaper than GrabCar. The price can be called equal to the cost of . However, there are some things to keep in mind before the user orders GrabHitch as a passenger.

First, the service can not be ordered instantly when the user needs it. That is, the service is less flexible when compared to two other car services from Grab. This is because it is not the nearest driver who will serve users automatically.